The Signature Nature Series, a Premium Aluminum-Wood Fusion iPhone 5 Case
September 4th, 2013 (Hong Kong) - Machine-milled out of wooden or carbonized bamboo blocks, the Nature features painstaking hand-polishing for the perfect grip. Curved around the edges, the wooden back is paired to the Signature frame via six rubber-coated stainless steel clips to form an ultra-sturdy assembly.

As with the rest of the Signature series, the aluminum main frame of the Signature Nature is machined down to the 0.05th millimeter to ensure a perfect fit. It employs meticulous nylon brushing, yielding a smooth texture without any unpleasant graininess or fingerprints.

Available in cherry wood, black walnut, carbonized bamboo, and black carbonized bamboo, the Nature represents a spectacular fusion of aluminum and wood.

The Truffol Signature Nature series is priced at USD $75, available immediately.
Truffol Announces the Black x Rose Gold Collection for the Signature Series
August 11th, 2013 (Hong Kong) – Truffol announces the Black Collection to compli- ment the current Signature Series, for the iPhone 5. Anodized in Midnight Black, the Black Collection is paired with a 16-karat rose gold PVD sleep/wake button that is guaranteed to outshine any competition. Luxury has never been synonymous with flashy, hence the Black collection. Be it the matte stain- less steel, the black Italian cowhide, or the black carbonized bamboo variant, your Signature case has never been so understated yet so irresistible.

Besides the rose gold sleep/wake button.

Electroplated in real 16-karat rose gold using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Ion Plating, the button is coated by ionized rose gold parti- cles in a vacuumed chamber with temperature north of 210F, resulting in a beautiful yet rigid surface. Truffol’s PVD products have undergone rigorous testing procedures – including bend- ing, rubbing, and artificial sweat erosion – and are RoHS certified.

Starting at $60 USD for the Minimalist and $75 USD for the Classic and the Nature, the Black Collection is priced the same as the rest of the Signature Series.
Truffol To Release Aluminum-Leather Fusion Phone Case For the iPhone 5
July 20th, 2013 (Hong Kong) – Truffol, specializing in luxury tech accessories, has released the “Signature” case for the iPhone 5. Targeting the extravagant end of the spectrum, the Signature combines sleek design, premium quality, and protection.
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