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Includes Complimentary Screen Protector & Headphone Adaptor
Color: Navy & Black
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Includes Complimentary Screen Protector & Headphone Adaptor
Color: Silver & Orange
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Includes Complimentary Screen Protector & Headphone Adaptor
Color: Silver & Bamboo
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The Signature employs meticulous nylon brushing, yielding a smooth texture without any unpleasant graininess or fingerprints. Our products are guaranteed to impress at your first and every encounter.
CNC, one of the most precise production methods available, is naturally selected to meet our stringent requirements. Every case is machined down to the 0.05th millimeter to ensure a perfect fit.
Available in silver, navy, and black. The Signature case comes in three flavors: Stainless Steel, Italian Leather, and Wood. Whatever your preference, there is one uniquely tailored for you.
Our fine Italian leather, sourced from Santa Croce sull’Arno in Italy, is trimmed to a precise thickness of 0.4mm. Every case represents unbelievable man-hours by expert craftsmen to ensure a wrinkle-free finish.
Machine-milled out of wooden or carbonized bamboo blocks, the Nature features meticulous craftsmanship. Curved around the edges, the wooden back is paired to the Aluminum frame via six rubber-coated stainless steel clips to form a sturdy assembly.
Luxury has never been synonymous with flashy. Anodized in Midnight Black, the Black Collection is paired with a 16-karat rose gold PVD sleep/wake button.
Electroplated in real 16-karat rose gold using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Ion Plating, the sleep / wake button on the Black Collection is coated by ionized rose gold particles in a vacuumed chamber with temperature north of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in a beautiful yet rigid surface. Our PVD products have undergone rigorous testing procedures – including bending, rubbing, and artificial sweat corrosion - and are RoHS certified.
Material & Craft
Aluminum, Brushed

Anodized Navy, Silver, Black; PVD Rose Gold

127.8mm x 62.6mm x 8.9mm (Minimalist)
127.8mm x 62.6mm x 10.4mm (Classic)
127.8mm x 62.6mm x 10.9mm (Nature)

Signal Interference
Inevitably, all metal cases suffer from a certain degree of signal degradation. To mitigate the issue, the Signature case is built with an inner plastic (polycarbonate) layer which provides shock absorption and completely insulates your iPhone 5 from the aluminum frame. In addition, the Signature’s aluminum frame is machine-milled to a mere 1.0mm, further minimizing any potential interference.

Our internal lab tests show signal loss of 10% to 15%. In real life terms, if you reside or work in areas with optimal reception (4 to 5 bars), you are unlikely to experience any issues. However, if you currently have weak reception in your area (1 to 2 bars), we do not recommend purchasing a metal phone case.

We offer samples to bloggers or influencers.

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Truffol emerged from a rich background in the manufacturing of luxury timepieces. We have years of combined experience with sophisticated assembly processes and a wide array of precision technology. Through countless years of collaborations with luxury brands, we have mastered the art in creating fine luxury. With mobile devices rapidly becoming a new personal necessity, we seize this opportunity to extend our unique expertise into the field. We are committed to redefining luxury for the mobile accessory sector, one creation at a time.
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